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Front Page Strip Rates

 Caribbean Life
1X 13X (consecutive) 52X
$6,825 $4,530 $4,120
 Full Run
1X 13X (consecutive) 52X
$19,000 $12,500 $11,500
 Courier Life Group
1X 13X (consecutive) 52X
$8,235 $5,470 $4,940
 Times Ledger Group
1X 13X (consecutive) 52X
$4,825 $3,235 $2,940
 Bronx Times & Bronx Times Reporter
1X 13X (consecutive) 52X
$4,100 $2,750 $2,500
 The Brooklyn Paper
1X 13X (consecutive) 52X
$1,600 $1,440 $1,200
Effective September 15, 2011  


TimesLedger Group (Expect Bayside Times)
Bronx Times Reporter (Not Bronx Times)
Brooklyn Graphic

8 x 1.75

Courier Life Group (Expect Brooklyn Graphic)
Bronx Times (Not Bronx Times Reporter)
Carribbean Life

9.75 x 1.75

The Brooklyn Paper
11 x 1.5

(Rates include color)

CNG Circulation Totals - All Areas
Caribbean Life Areas of Circulation
Courier-Life, Inc. Areas of Circulation
Time Ledger Areas of Circulation
Bronx Times Areas of Circulation
The Brooklyn Paper Areas of Circulation


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