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Mechanical Requirements


Four-color or black and white creatives submitted electronically must be industry standard Adobe Acrobat PDF files.


  • We strongly discourage same color family type on top of color boxes and will not be held liable for bad reproduction of such artwork. For instance, no typeface in shades of auburn over an auburn background
  • Tone (or Contrast) Reproduction
  • Newsprint offers less contrast than text matte or coated stocks. The darkest four color area should not exceed 20%, the dot percentage should not exceed 90%.
  • Dot gain is approximately 30%.
  • Reversed type or four-color black type should be at least 14 pt. and a medium-to-bold sans-serif typeface is recommended. Dropped-out (reversed) type in a black only area should be at least 10 pt. medium to bold sans-serif typeface.


  • Every continuous tone or halftone image should be evaluated on an individual basis with an expected dot gain of approximately 36%.
  • Dot gain curves are non-linear; ads will gain more in their mid-tone values than highlight or shadow.
  • All continuous tone images should be at least 170 ppi at their final output size.
  • Line art should be at 1016 ppi.
  • All supplied ads should have a minimum of 5% in the highlight and a maximum of 80% in the shadow area.
  • Any part of the ad not intended to print solid black should be created at a maximum of 75%.
  • A minimum of 20% contrast between foreground and background is suggested.
  • Type should be kept at a minimum of 8 pt. for standard or 12 pt. for reverse.
  • All type intended to print solid black should be set at 100% black.
  • Surprinted type should be solid black and contrasted against a 30% or less black screen.
  • Reversed or knocked-out type should be 0% black (white) type on a 70% screen or higher.
  • Fine serif typefaces should be avoided.
  • We will not modify PDF files.


  • Since we accept only PDF files for artwork, font files are not required. We cannot make font corrections or any type of modifications to a PDF.


  • All documents are 85 Lpi
  • Tiff and Eps images: 300 dpi
  • Bitmaps: 400 dpi


Courier Life, Times Ledger, Bronx Times, Caribbean Life,
The Villager, Gay City News, Downtown Express,
Manhattan Express, Chelsea Now, Villager Express
(For The Brooklyn Paper broadsheet scroll down to the next section.)

Full Page 8.75” x 11.5”
2/3 Page 5.788” x 11.5”
1/2 H Page 8.75” x 5.6875”
1/2 V Page 4.313” x 11.5”
1/4 Page 4.313” x 5.6875”
1/8 Page 4.313” x 2.78125”
1/12 Page 2.833” x 2.78125”
Front Page Strip 8.75” x 2” *

* Front Page Strips dimensions for Flushing Times, Bronx Times Reporter and Brooklyn Graphic are 5.2” x 2”

Non-Modular Unit Rate:
20% Premium for Non-Modular Sizes



Publication Day: Thursday - Manahttan Pubs & Gay City News
Publication Day: Friday - All others
Reservation Deadline: Tuesday, 12 noon
Material Deadline: Wednesday, 12 noon


The Brooklyn Paper
(See previous section for other publications.)

Full Page 11.25” x 17.75”
1/2 Page H 11.25” x 8.79”
1/2 Page V 5.5625” x 17.75”
Junior Page 8.4062” x 11.79”
1/4 Page V 5.5625” x 8.79”
1/4 Page H 8.4063” x 5.83”
1/8 Page H 5.5625” x 4.33”
1/8 Page V 4.1406” x 5.83”
1/10 Page 4.1406” x 4.33”
1/16 Page V 2.7188” x 4.33”
1/16 Page H 4.1406” x 2.85”
1/24 Page 2.7188” x 2.85”
1/32 Page 2.7188” x 2.1”
Front Page Strip 11.25” x 1.5”

Non-Modular Unit Rate: 20% Premium for Non-Modular Sizes


Publication Day: Friday
Reservation Deadline: Tuesday, 12 noon
Material Deadline: Wednesday, 12 noon



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